Da Lat Rose isnʼt just a restaurant.
Itʼs history.
It’s a culinary biography.
Itʼs legacy.

Located above the iconic Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills,
Da Lat Rose is a Gastrobiography tasting menu concept – a passion project between
Chef Helene An, founder of House of AN / Crustacean Beverly Hills and Chef Tony Nguyen.



A Message From Our Chefs


Da Lat Rose is our homage to our roots. Itʼs our way of building a time-machine-through our endless passion for cooking, so that Vietnamese-American history can be realized and experienced. This story, although told through Chef Helene’s culinary biography, is much greater than us. It represents the plight and success of people who struggled and survived. Itʼs about fearlessly exploring uncharted territories. Itʼs about breaking the glass ceiling. Itʼs a foundation for Vietnamese cuisine to continue to develop and elevate, a championing of ethnicity and immigrant contribution in our nation.

After serving Vietnamese fusion dishes for over three decades at House of AN, we decided it was time for Da Lat Rose. It was time to elevate traditional Vietnamese dishes to the forefront and prepare it in ways that has never been seen before.

We want our guests to do more than just eat. Da Lat Rose is about experiencing our story. Each course is inspired by Chef Helene’s dramatic life events – beginning with Helene’s aristocratic birth in Vietnam in the 1940s; through her tumultuous escape during communist uprising in Northern Vietnam; to her studies in the monastery of Da Lat; to being a refugee in America in the 1970s; the opening of the iconic Crustacean restaurant, and now receiving the prestigious 2019 Pioneer Award from the Smithsonian Museum for being the first Asian-American to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to mainstream America and making it fashionable.

As with many dining experiences in Vietnam, the evening will begin in the Bia Hoi, where our guests will enjoy a fun, communal, small bites street-food experience, before they journey “down The Road” into the main dining room, our “nhà”, our home. Combining our love for Vietnamese herbs and spices with a passion for modernity, we have created Da Lat Rose.

On behalf of The AN Family, we invite you to join us as we make our journey from Vietnam to America.



Chef Helene An

Chef Tony Nguyen




Da Lat Rose is a 12-course Gastrobiography tasting menu, with a curated wine or cocktail pairing. Da Lat Rose accommodates 20 guests per seating, with an additional 6-seat interactive chef’s counter, 4-seat ultra De Cru Wine Cellar Dining Experience and a Luxurious Private Room for up to 16 guests.